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Welcome to Cacao Cattery's American Shorthair & American Wirehair home on the web. Since 2003, we have specialized in silver classic tabby American Shorthairs. We breed to the CFA standard, neither too extreme nor too moderate. The American Shorthair breed is a wonderful breed that blends together the gentle, sweet lapcat with the powerful build of domestic cat. The idea behind the standard is that the American Shorthair looks like a cat that could surive on its own in the wild, but, in reality, lives in our laps and houses. They are wonderful pets and very low maintenance.

In 2010, we expanded our program to include a small "side" program of American Wirehairs. The American Wirehair is the sister breed to American Shorthairs. Wirehairs have a very small gene pool that requires outcrossing nearly every generation to American Shorthairs. Since we already had an American Shorthair program, the American Wirehair was a good fit. We have been extremely successful with the American Wirehairs, including several Regional Winners and Best of Breed in CFA in both 2013 and 2014.

We have bred and raised top-award winning Persians and Himalayans since 1971. Our Persian program has produced over 100 CFA Grands and over 50 Regional Winners and continues to be very successful. However, we have long been enchanted with silver tabby American Shorthairs, but timing and circumstances were never quite right for us to have a program with them.

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