GC, GP, NW Cacao Fire In My Pachette, DM

12th Best Cat in Premiership in CFA, 2012-2013
2nd Best Cat in Premiership, Gulf Shore Region, 2012-2013
8th Best Cat in Premiership, Gulf Shore Region, 2011-2012
17th Best cat, Gulf Shore Region 2005-2006 (Only shown in 8 shows as a Grand Champion)
Best of Color, Nationally, 2005-2006
Best of Breed, Gulf Shore Region, 2005-2006
Best of Color, Gulf Shore Region, 2005-2006
Grand Champion at 8 months of age
DM Achieved 12/19/09

Grand Premier 10/22/11

What can we say about Fire? She's been one of the most amazing cats we have shown in a long time. When she was a kitten, Fire seemed awkward and unbalanced. Her low white seemed like it would inhibit her from ever having much of a show career. From the start though, she was a stunning cat to look at. It is difficult to say what captures you first about her - her startling deep, vibrant red patching, her wide open eyes, or her tiny, round ears.

When Fire turned 8 months old, it was finally time for her to shine. She went to her open show to face competition for winner's ribbons - something that we didn't expect! Her competition was a lovely cat, but Fire took all the rings and became a champion. She granded at the age of 8 months, so we decided to show her as a Grand Champion to see how she could do. Of course, another lovely brown patched tabby and white was also being shown as a Grand for a Regional Win! With only 8 shows to go to, it didn't seem Fire had much of a chance to make a Regional Win. But we tried anyway! Fire had great success at 5 of her shows, and she ended up with nearly 2500 points and was the Gulf Shore Region's 17th Best Cat for 2004-2005. All of Fire's shows as a Grand Champion were in the Gulf Shore Region.

Fire has retired from breeding and now lives with our friend Christina Flores, who campaigned her successfully to a National Win in Premiership!

(Pictured at 7 years of age)

(Pictured at 9 months of age)

pictured at 4 months

pictured at 9 weeks