Re-Elect Carissa Altschul for Gulf Shore Regional Director

For the past two years, I have had the honor and the pleasure of serving CFA and the Gulf Shore region as your Regional Director. I am asking for your support to continue in this position for another term.

Who am I?

  • I am first and foremost a breeder with the intent to improve and maintain the wonderful breeds we have in CFA.
  • I have been involved in raising Persians, American Shorthairs, and American Wirehairs under the "Cacao" prefix since early childhood, first in the Midwest Region, then in the Gulf Shore Region since 1987.
  • I am a long term member of the Persian breed council.
  • I am also a lifetime exhibitor and breeder, exclusively CFA.
  • I am an active member of several clubs in the region.
  • I have served several times as entry clerk, as well as show manager, clerk, steward, show floor manager, hospitality, and numerous other aspects of show committee responsibilities.
  • I helped implement the CFA Ambassador Program and a CFA Ambassador.
  • I have been an active Mentor in the CFA Mentor program since its inception and I am actively mentoring several new breeders/exhibitors at any given time.

What Have I Done As Your Regional Director?

  • I have attended numerous shows in the region each year; not only to support regional clubs, but also to be able to hear personally the issues each club and area face.
  • I have sought the opinion of the region on critical votes regarding CFA policy through polls on the regional email list.
  • I have kept the region well-informed with timely reports from each meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • I have helped a number of clubs find new dates to better facilitate their viability.
  • I have introduced new recognitions at the awards banquet to help include more people in our end-of-year celebrations.
  • I have recognized we have many willing and skilled volunteers in our region and have engaged as many of them as possible to help with both Regional activities and the 2014 Annual.

What Have I Done As A Board Member?

  • I have represented the interests of the Gulf Shore Region at the Board level from legislation to registration to show counts, locations, and formats.
  • I bring to the board the perspective of the breeder-exhibitor and seek to protect the interests of the breeder-exhibitors in CFA.
  • I have fought for the release of more information to the CFA constituency regarding the business of CFA.
  • I have steadfastly stood for the protection of breed integrity.
  • I have and will continue to consider the long-range implications for each and every vote I cast as a member of the Board of Directors and choose for the future of CFA and not for short term gains.
  • I worked toward establishing more recognition for the achievements of breeders in CFA.
  • I am working with other members of the Board of Directors to develop new show formats that will be a better fit with our changing demographics and economy.

What Do I Intend To Do In The Future?

  • I will continue to fight to keep our breeds unique. I believe the Board of Directors should not dictate changes to the breeds by changing show rules to get around the breed councils. I believe the Board of Directors should honor the history and legacies of our most treasured breeds.
  • I will continue to work toward combating restrictive, anti-breeder legislation both inside the region and out. We are blessed to have a strong group in our region working to combat legislation, and I hope to continue the pushback against anti-breeder legislation.
  • I will be ready to make tough decisions about CFA’s bottom line, but not to the point of sacrificing CFA’s identity.
  • I will continue to push for more transparency of Board level votes, actions, and reports. I believe that all of CFA should know how their money is being spent and what programs are being pushed forward.
  • I will continue to work with clubs in the region to find the best formula of location, date, and format to help them reach their full potential.
  • I will continue to exhibit and support our clubs throughout the Gulf Shore region in order to be accessible for all exhibitors.
  • I will continue to seek new ways to include more people in CFA at the various levels of exhibition. I believe that CFA has a place for all to enjoy, and I believe that recognizing effort is possible without lessening the recognition of achievement.
  • I will continue to communicate with the region and seek the knowledge and counsel of our exhibitors when it comes to decisions that must be made at both the regional and Board level.

Please support me in representing you for another term as the Gulf Shore Regional Director.

Carissa Altschul

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